Joe's Shrimp Shack

Joe's Shrimp Shack

About Joe's shrimp shack

Our Establishment and Expertise

Our store has over 50 tanks, ready to provide a variety of freshwater shrimps, snails, moss, plants, and other aquatic life. We also supply hard goods, food, and equipment for your aquarium needs. 


  • 2017 International Aquatic Experience 1st place neocaridina multi color winner
  • 2018 Minnesota aquarium society 1st & 3rd place winner shrimp
  • 2018 Minnesota aquarium society 2nd place nano scaping  contest
  • 2018 Minnesota aquarium society 3rd place snail contest 
  • 2018 Minnesota aquarium society specialized breeder neocaridina davidi multi colors 

New and exciting stuff

The site is currently undergoing updates. We have many items and shrimps for sale. Please visit us on Facebook and inquire. More items are and will be available. Thank you for your patience during this upgrade.

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Currently 54 aquariums dedicated to the shrimp hobby. Shrimp food ,plants, moss, hard goods, and more available for purchase. Willing to help out anyone in the hobby or looking to get into the hobby.

14100 23rd Ave N, Plymouth, Minnesota 55447, United States

(952) 212-7913


Monday - Friday: 6 PM - 10 PM

Saturday - Sunday: 12 PM - 5 PM

Hours vary due to delivery and shows